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Miracle Greens™ Nutrient-Rich Super Food
Add a little to your day ~ add a lot to your life!

Miracle Greens™ 10 ounce Canister by Miracle Greens Inc.

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Larger Size! - Miracle Greens™ 30 ounce (Large)) Canister by Miracle Greens Inc.

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Large 30 oz Jar

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Information About Miracle Greens

Dr. Edward Wagner, nutritionist to the stars, wanted a whole food product that was pure and non-allergenic.  Rebounding pioneer and health educator, Sylvia Ortiz, wanted the ultimate cell food.  They joined forces to formulate Miracle Greens™ - a complex whole food that works synergisti y to maximize the body's wellness.

Miracle Greens is a nutrient-rich super food supplement that optimizes the body's pH for fast stimulant-free health. The best tasting and best-selling green supplement product available. MIracle Greens surpasses the nutrition of five servings of fruits and vetetables without the calories or carbohydrates.

Miracle Greens contains thrity-eight synergistic ingredients that feed the body at cell level, nourishing with anti-oxidents, co-nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Made with no common allergens and certified organic barley grass and other natural ingredients. It includes antioxidants, adaptogenicc and metabolic herbs, natural fibers, harmonizing and support herbs and natural plant enzymes.

Beneifts of using Miracle Greens incudes increased energy, enhanced weight loss, improved mental clarity, blood sugar balance, digestion aid and helps strengthen your immune system.

The rich nutrients and enyymes in Miracle Greens help support weight loss as well as lean muscle mass.

One nutrient that has an impact on fat loss is cytrochrome oxidase, an enzyme that activates the brown fat cells, aids in lipid metabolism and is important in fat transport. When it is deficient, overweight pople have difficulty dropping weight and getting rid of fat. Vitamin B6 helps stabilize blood sugar - the average American is deficient in the B vitamin. Chromium helps to lower body fat and build muscle. Green tea has been found to support weight loss.

When the body is an acid pH it will hold on to fat no matter how much exercise you do or how strict your diet regimen. As Miracle Greens shifts your body to a healthier alkaline pH, your body will easily, naturally and safetly release fat and water weight.

Important to Maintain Acid-Alkaline Balance

Barley Grass is the best food found to restore acid-alkaline balance. Spinach, a popular food is 39.6, whereas the alkalinity of Barley Grass is as high as 66.4. Modern eating and living habits do not maintain pH in a favorable balance. Better pH balance creates an optimum internal condition vital for nutrient transfer, cell repair, and rejuvenation. Balanced pH tells the body it is satisfied, thus cravingfs for salt, sugar, carbohydrates diminish.

Nutrient Rich Whole Food

works synergisti y in the body, providing bio-absorbable vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants for good health.

MiracleGreens are:

  • rich in bio-absorbable minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, protein, enzymes and non-dairy 'friendly' bacteria
  • designed to shift your body to a healthier alkaline pH
  • free of all the common allergens
  • an aid to elimination functions
  • a blood pressure regulator
  • pesticide and herbicide free
  • packed with energy
  • easy to digest
  • great tasting 

Miracle Greens do not contain:

 MSG ~ yeast ~ egg ~ kelp ~ dyes ~ alcohol ~ preservatives ~ flavoring ~ salt ~ starch ~ maltodextrin ~ allergens such as wheat, alfalfa, bee pollen or garlic ~ gluten ~ corn ~ fats ~ oils ~ stabilizers ~ casein or any dairy/animal products ~ pesticides ~ herbicides ~ bran, rice or oat fillers

Some Synergistic Results:

Greater Strength Weight Loss Prevents Heartburn Naturally
Increased Stamina pH Balance Prevents Acid Reflux
Enormous Energy Healthy Skin Increased Sense of Well-Being
Fatter Wallet! Lower Cholesterol Lowered Stress Reaction
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