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Alka Slim
Order Alka-Slim Weight Reducing Formula 28 servings - 23.7 ounces
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Alka Slim 1 Jar Weight Reducing Formula
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$28.95 each
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Slim down with Alka Slim weight loss formula. Alka Slim is designed to aid you in your daily diet. Get slim today, get the edge you need to succeed with Dr. Morter's Alka Slim.

If you were wondering,  is this the same weight loss product as seen on the TV, it is. Alka Slim has been taking the country by storm. This diet product will give you the amazing weight loss results you are looking for.

A revolution in weight reduction and dietary supplementation, Alka-Slim is the only weight reducing health-enhancing product specifi y designed todieting girl alkalize and energize at the same time!  A low-protein plant powder easily mixed with fresh or bottled fruit juices.

Dr. Ted Morter is the developer of Alka Slim and is an internationally recognized authority on healthcare. A healthcare specialist for more than 30 years, he is best known by the general public for his best-selling books on health and nutrition, such as Your Health, Your Choice and An Apple a Day.

How it is prepared is almost as important as the raw ingredients used. Most supplements are laboratory-made, undergoing high heat and harsh chemicals during processing, which destroy most of the enzymatic qualities and change the protein structure. We do not heat treat our product, so the enzymati y active ingredients remain alive for maximum effectiveness. And since there are more live enzymes in our formula, you can take smaller amounts and obtain the same results as taking larger amounts of other brands.

We have a program featuring many weight loss tips to try while you are using Alka-Slim. Using these tips will help to increase your results from your efforts. Learn more information about Dr. Morton who formulated Alka-Slim. We also have a bunch of eating right to slim down tips to help you experience more weight loss. Alka-Slim also aids in alkanizing the body, review our article on alkalize here. And for addiitional information on what ingredients in Alka Slim are used in the formulation of Alka-Slim, review this link.

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