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Vitamin B12 Liquid Vitamins 500 mcg B 12 Spray

Pure Advantage Liquid Vitamins B12 Methylcobalamin - Vegan Certified
175 Servings per bottle!

Vitamin B12 liquid vitamins
B12 Vitamin Spray by Pure Advantage 1 oz - 175 servings
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B-12 Vitamin Spray
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Regulate homocysteine
• Protect against nerve damage, assist in nerve regeneration and diabetic neuropathy
• Vitamin B12 may Increase energy levels
• Improve sleep
• Reduce stress
• Enhance growth and repair of all cells
• Aid in metabolism of carbohydrates and fats
• VItamin B12 may Improve protein synthesis
• Improve immune function
• Increase mental alertness

Pure Advantage Vitamin B12 Spray Information Sheet

If you’re looking for a quick-absorbing form of liquid vitamins B-12 that’s more effective than standard cyanocobalamin tablets, this sub-lingual spray is just what you need. Just one spray of liquid vitamins B 12 spray under the tongue delivers 500mcg of methylcobalamin, the neurologi y active form of B-12 that’s far more effective than the usual tablets that vegans normally take. You’ll get the maximum benefits of B-12 with this spray, including increased energy levels, improved sleep, reduced stress, improved immune function, and improved mental alertness. 175 servings per bottle.

Vitamin B12 is one important vitamin for everybody, vegan or otherwise. Liquid vitamins B 12 spray helps prevent nerve damage, assists with memory and cognitive function, is required for proper absorption of foods, and aids in cell formation. Since Vitamin B 12 is found almost exclusively in animal products, a spray or two under the tongue a few days per week is good "health insurance".

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