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Cold MD by Iovate Health Science


cold MD by Iovate
Cold MD
Reduces recovery time

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40 capsules in a bottle

Key Benefits of Using ColdMD Formula

Better immune system support
Increase resistance by 312%
Improved recovery time by 94%
Clinically proven results.

ColdMD Fact Sheet

New Cold MD™ is an immune system support formula that increases your resistance by 312 percent and helps you recover 94 percent faster. In fact, a clinical study on the key ingredient combination in Cold MD™ showed subjects reduced the frequency of episodes by an average of 3.3 vs. 0.8 against the placebo (312 percent greater resistance). In the same study, subjects reduced the duration of episodes by an average of 3.3 days vs. 1.7 days against the placebo (94 percent faster recovery). With results like this, you won't ever want to be without Cold MD.

Your immune system is your first and most important line of defense. But keeping your immune system running in optimal condition has never been easy - until now! A trusted team of medical doctors now has a way to fight back with an amazing scientific breakthrough.

Cold MD™ is the world's only immune system support formula that:

  • Increases immune system resistance by 312 percent
  • Helps you recover 94 percent faster
  • Is medical doctor-formulated and approved
  • Has clinically proven results
  • Is used daily for maximum support and protection
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Is 100 percent drug-free
  • Is non-drows

Directions for Use:

Use daily for maximum immune system protection. For added protection, Cold MD can also be taken at the first sign of immune system weakness; use before entering crowded or congested areas such as airplanes, buses, offices, restaurants, schools, trains, or other public places.

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