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Preferred Coral Calcium - Large 120 Capsules Size Bottle

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Supreme Nutraceuticals Preferred Coral Calcium is made from 100% pure marine or below sea level grade Coral Calcium from Okinawa, Japan. Highest quality available anywhere. Marine grade has the highest mineral contact including all 73 major and trace minerals.

We have two formulas to choose from, our Preferred Balance brand which has Vitamin D added, which is needed for Calcium absorption. This is coral calcium in its purest form. The other choice is our Preferred Coral Calcium Plus brand. It has the same exact coral calcium, plus we've added a full spectrum of vitamins making it a complete vitamin and mineral formula to fulfill your daily needs. Each 3 capsule serving contains 345 mg of elemental calcium plus 183 mg of elemental Magnesium making this a perfect balance. Magnesium aids in the absorbtion of calcium into your body.

Calcium is believed to help raise pH levels in the body to a more alkaline state. It is believed that the more closer your body is to a 7.365 pH reading, the less diseases you are likely to get.

What is pH+?:

“One important negative consequence of acidity is hypoxemia - or lack of oxygen. When our blood becomes acidic, the oxygen concentration decreases, and our tissues and organs become deprived. this triggers even more acid producing metabolic processes that our body is forced to rapidly correct. Simply put, we cannot exist without proper oxygenation. The pH (acid-base balance) of the human body needs to be maintained within the narrow limits of 7.365. The body goes to great lengths, and no limit, to maintain this pH; and conditions such as Osteoporosis can be directly attributed to a chronic, low (acidic) pH!”
- Dr. Robert L. Wyenandt Jr. - MD. Family Physician


Preferred Balance Coral Calcium

Order Preferred Balance Coral Calcium
by Supreme Nutraceituals - 120 Capsules per bottle

Our Price

1500 mgs of coral calcium in a 3 capsules serving

Preferred Coral Calcium Plus

Order Preferred Coral Calcium Plus
by Supreme Nutraceituals - 120 Capsules per bottle

Our Price

Coral Calcium Plus Featuring Added Vitamins

Preferred Balance Coral Calcium Information Sheet

Preferred Balance Coral Calcium contains nature's balance, a 2-to-1 ratio of calcium to magnesium. Any form of land grade calcium does not have this ratio. Magnesium is critical for the absorption of calcium. Land grade or fossilized coral contains only about 1% magnesium. These vital nutrients are lost because of being baked by the sun for thousands of years. Marine grade coral calcium contains 12% magnesium. Marine grade coral calcium is harvested miles away from shore below sea level. These minerals are preserved by nature and made available by carefully removing them from the sea floor away from and not disturbing the live reefs. Coral calcium also contains over 70 other trace minerals essential to good health.

More Calcium in every bottle of Preferred Balance Coral Calcium

A three capsule serving of Preferred Balance Coral Calcium contains 1500 mg of below sea level coral calcium powder. When compared to other brands, you will see that Preferred Coral Calcium is the best value for your hard earned dollar.

Preferred Balance Coral Calcium also comes in a vitamin formula,
Preferred Balance Coral Calcium Plus.


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