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This amazing marine coral calcium supplement purifies, alkalizes, and mineralizes your beverage without changing the color or taste. Simply drop a "tea bag" into your favorite non-carbonated beverage, and the premium grade, 100% pure, ionized bio available coral minerals from Okinawa, Japan are instantly released. CoralCal Daily™ Sachets transform ordinary water or non-alkaline beverages into a calcium-charged powerhouse of delicious tasting, highly absorbent, and alkalized liquid to hydrate your body.

Possible Health Benefits of Purifying water with Coral Calcium Tea Bags:

• Purified, mineralized beverages taste crisp and clean
• Neutralizes chlorine in drinking & cooking water
• Improves taste and quality of water and other beverages
• Replenishes essential minerals absent in filtered and bottled water

The CoralCal Daily Information Sheet

CoralCal Coral Calcium Daily™ takes just one second to use.

Drop one of the specially-packed "tea bag" coral calcium sachets into 2 liters of water (or other favorite non-carbonated beverage), stir, and within seconds, you will be drinking pH balanced water that not only tastes great, but provides an alkaline, hydrated solution for your body.

Two coral calcium sachets will produce enough water to meet your daily intake requirements.

Almost all of the fluids we drink daily are acidic, whether coffee, tea, milk, soft drinks, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, and even water, whether bottled or from the tap. The pH level of these drinks are: soft drinks (2.0), alcoholic beverages (3.5), and normal tap water (4.5). Helpful minerals are removed in bottled and filtered water and typi y run a pH level of only 6.0. The sachets bring the pH level up to 7.0, the level at which your body functions.

Tired all the time?If you're feeling fatigued much of the time, you are not alone. To battle fatigue, we often depend on caffeinated drinks and other stimulants. These short-term energy boosts actually put more stress on the body, further depleting our energy banks. Drinking "coral water" may be the solution to your energy crisis.

Your body functions normally only within a narrow pH range of 7.36 to 7.44, naturally more alkaline than acidic. According to researchers, one of the main causes of fatigue is increased acidity in the blood.

You'll taste and feel the difference with CoralCal Daily™ coral calcium tea bags !

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