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Cylaris by Iovate
High Performance Weight Loss Supplement

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Cylaris Buzz Facts

Cylaris has been running many TV info-commercials for their new weight loss supplement named Cylaris. Their claim to fame is said to be that they are the world's strongest weight loss supplement on the market today. They are boosting claims of 32 pounds of weight loss in just 8 weeks through their own studies. This supplement may also help in keeping a lower cholesterol levels also.

Cylaris Fact Sheet

Would you Like to Lose Up To 32lbs in 8 Weeks?

Introducing new Cylaris, the world's strongest available weight-loss formula. Based on the available studies that have been published on other diet products, there is no other weight-loss supplement on the market that is stronger than Cylaris. While this is a bold statement, science verifies that Cylaris is an incredibly effective weight-loss formula. Sure, you need proof... In one 8-week clinical study, those participants who were administered Cylaris lost an average of 14.52 lbs., whereas those in the placebo group only lost an average of only 5.06 lbs. That means the Cylaris group lost 287% the weight as compared to the placebo group. In the same study, 10% of subjects lost up to 32.78 lbs. in 8 weeks.

So what is it that makes Cylaris so completely different from all the rest? First, Cylaris contains a powerful ingredient ed Cissus quadrangularis. Cissus quadrangularis has been examined for other health benefits in the past but never studied in the context of weight loss when combined with a diet and exercise program. And as already noted, the results of up to 32 pounds of weight loss in just 8 weeks show that the previously untapped weight-loss potential of Cissus quadrangularis was obviously a missed opportunity by researchers.

Another benefit of Cylaris is that it can help support healthy cholesterol levels. This is a significant benefit, considering that many people who are overweight also have issues with their cholesterol levels because of poor diet and too little physical activity on a regular basis, among other factors.
Last, it is also worth noting that Cylaris contains other established weight-loss ingredients and ingredients that optimize well-being, such as green tea extract, soy protein, chromium, selenium, and B vitamins.

As you can easily see, Cylaris is not only the world's strongest weight-loss formula, but also an amazing product for fast weight loss and overall wellness. Clinical breakthroughs of this magnitude and scope do not happen often, which is why Cylaris is undoubtedly the best weight-loss product available to you.. After you try Cylaris, we know you'll agree.

Ingredeints in Cylaris and Directions of Use

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