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Detoxatrim by Sera-Pharma Detoxifying Weight Loss Solution
Designed To Effectively Cleanse Your Body And Support Weight Loss!


detoxatrim for weight loss and cleansing
Detoxatrim by Sera-Pharma
Detoxifying weight loss

$24.95 -
112 capsules in a bottle/1 month supply

DetoxaTrim Can Help You With:
Cleansing your body
Boosting your metabolism
Help reduce bloating
And Curbs your appetite

DetoxaTrim Fact Sheet

detoxatrim ingredientsResearch shows that 3 out of 4 women suffer from an overabundance of toxic build-up, which causes the overgrowth of millions of micro-organisms and yeast. This toxic build-up can lead to weight gain, excess bloating, carb cravings, suppressed metabolism, unstable blood sugar and fatigue. DetoxaTrim is a revolutionary detoxifying weight loss system designed to help you fight those micro-organisms and yeast, cleanse your body and lose weight. Just 2 capsules twice a day will help your body regain proper levels of yeast by reducing the toxins that cause weight gain and severe bloating. DetoxaTrim will also help reduce sugar cravings, curb appetite and support adrenal and thyroid function to naturally boost your metabolism and burn fat. DetoxaTrim is your long-term solution to detoxify your system for a slim healthy body!

It contains a Yeast/Candida Detoxification & pH Correcting Blend that rids your body of the toxins which compromise thyroid and adrenal functions, cause bloating, gas and weight gain.* An Appetite Control Blend is added to control sugar cravings and significantly reduce your appetite. Plus, Metabolism Boosters elevate your metabolic rate (metabolism) allowing you to burn more calories, leading to increased fat burning and weight loss.

Detoxatrim is the new way to approach weight loss by detoxify your body and to jump start your fat burning machine. You'll experience a cleansing of your body, helps reduce bloating, increases your energy levels, boost your metabolism rates, helps curb your appetite and eliminates candida yeast.

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