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Vibe 2 by Eniva - Liquid Vitamin and Mineral Health Beverage

Vibe 2 plant source vitamin and mineral beverage Eniva Vibe 2
Vitamin and Mineral Health Drink

$59.95 -
32 ounce bottle
1 month supply

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Eniva Vibe 2 Packets
$59.95 - 20 packets 1 oz each
Packets are convenient for those who travel a lot.

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Envia Vibe 2 Information Fact Sheet

Vibe 2 - The most comprehensive answers to the question of addressing your body's needs for a life-giving nutrients. The simple to take all-in-one vitamin and minerals formula. Get balanced nutrition for vibrant living.

Eniva has now introduced one of the most powerful vitamin and minerals health beverages ever. Now you can get all your daily vitamin and mineral needs fulfilled by drinking Vibe 2. Eniva has developed the best ideal nutrient delivery system every designed by man.

The problem in the past has always been finding a way to get nature's vitamin and minerals in large quantities and to get them absorbed into the body. THe ideal way is to get them by eating the right foods, however since most of the minerals have been depleted in the soil, the right amounts can't be obtained without eating a hugh amount of fruits and vegetables. Eniva has found a way to get highly nutrient enriched plants and to put them into a highly concentrated formula known as Vibe 2. These vitamins and minerals are acquired the same way as god intended them to be, by using plants that have absorbed the minerals from the soil. There is no better way.

Also, particles of minerals and vitamins have to be in the correct size or the nutrients will not be able to penetrate the cell walls. If they are the wrong size, they won't get used and they will stay in the bloodstream until later being flushed out of the body with little benefit to the user, Eniva's vibe 2 has solved that problem and delivers the correctly size nutrients into the cells.

The nutrients being water-soluble is also important, it means no digestion is required and the nutrients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream for used by the cells.

Vibe is the premier liquid multi-vitamins and mineral supplements on the market today. It has great nutrient delivery system and is of unparalleled potency when compared to other brands.

Vide is also rich in anti-oxidants, which are helpful in fighting off toxins and virus in our bodies. see the chart below, Vibe 2 is off the wall!

high anti-oxidant properties

The choice is clear, make it Vibe 2 today

List of Ingredients Used in Vibe 2

vibe 2 ingredients


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