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Immune Support by Eniva


Immune system support by Eniva
Immune Support by Eniva
Immune System Booster Supplement

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Benefits of using Eniva Immune Support is a mineral supplement supports a healthy immune system. A synergistic blend of bio-available minerals, Immune Support helps maintain well-being even when your body experiences day-to-day challenges.

Eniva Immune Support Fact Sheet

Boosting Well-being

Eniva’s Immune Support is a specialized mineral blend to help support the body’s immune system.* Immune Support utilizes Eniva’s proprietary Solutomic™ technology to provide superior mineral nutrition for maximum effectiveness.*

The minerals in Immune Support help sustain the immune system’s complicated network of organs, cell tissues, and chemicals for:

  • Healthy and efficient functioning of body processes*
  • A proper balance of antioxidant agents*
  • Enhanced feelings of energy and vitality*

How Immune Support Works

Eniva’s Immune Support mineral supplement ensures a proper balance of essential nutrients, thereby enhancing the immune system.* Immune Support helps you replenish needed minerals to promote normal functioning of immune-boosting cells and contribute to feelings of enhanced vibrancy and stamina.*

All-Natural Supplement

The all-natural state of this supplement also makes it unique. Immune Support attributes:

  • No Fructose or Sugars
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavorings
  • No Calories or Caffeine
  • No Animal By-products or Animal Testing

Solutomic™ Technology

Eniva’s unique process utilizes pure, elemental minerals and ultra-pure water to create Solutomic minerals. Solutomic is defined as water-soluble, highly bio-available mineral ions. Solutomic minerals are readily absorbed and assimilated in the body to assist the immune system.*

Scientific References

Data on file, Eniva Corporation, 2004.

More Information on Eniva Immune Support

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