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Focus Factor FAQ

1) What's in Focus Factor ? (Ingredients)
"Focus Factor T contains nutrients, meaning vitamins, minerals, botanicals and omega-3 fatty acids that help support healthy brain function."

2) Are the ingredients natural?
"In some cases natural ingredients are very important. Let us give you 2 examples that are important to me. Natural beta-carotene. Focus FactorT has natural beta-carotene from a food source that supplies a spectrum of carotenoids like alpha-carotene, and cryptoxanthin, which occur normally in foods like carrots. We also have naturally occurring vitamin E from soybeans. We don't use the dl synthetic form."

3) What are the top benefits of Focus Factor ?
"That really depends on the person you talk to or the testimonial that you hear. People share with us their own benefits in their own words. We like to think of Focus Factor as insurance that we're consuming the nutrients that help support healthy brain function every day."

4) How quickly does Focus Factor work?
"That depends on the person but just to be conservative, we tell people to take Focus Factor every day for at least a month to see if they notice their own personal benefits."

5) Is there science behind the key ingredients in Focus Factor ?
"Absolutely. This is exciting. Science shows today that nutrients can support healthy brain function and that's what Focus Factor T is all about."

6) How often do I take it?
"It's formulated to be e