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Cha' De Burge I57 Ignite
Turn Your Body Into a Fat Burning Machine


i57 ignite for fat burning
I57 Ignite
High Fat Burning Formula
$19.95 -
60 capsules in a bottle/1 month supply

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I57 Ignite's Main Ingredient Cha De Burge is being used for the following benefits in Brazil

It can help reduce your appetite, It helps control cellulite, can be used as a stimulate to gain energy and helps support a healthly heart.

I57 Ignite Fact Sheet

From deep in the heart of the Amazon Jungle comes the most amazing fat burning compound since ephedra. This amazing berry ed Cha Da Bugre is the secret to I57 IGNITE. This amazing little berry contains the most powerful natural compounds that turn up your body's fat burning furnace to give you the fastest, most energizing results!

This is the most potent, fat burning, energizing formula ever developed. Its not ephedra, it's better!

I57 Ignite is a thermogenic that contains Cha De Bugre. Cha De Bugre is found in the rainforests of Brazil and is used for energy and alertness. Researchers have just recently discovered its amazing ability to speed up the metabolism which helps burn calories and fat. Brazilians know about the benefits of Cha De Bugre and have been using it for decades. The beaches of Rio are a testament to the powerful effects of Cha De Bugre.

I57 Suggested Use:
Take one I57 Ignite capsule mid morning and one I57 Ignite capsule mid afternoon.


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