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Idebenol by Sovage - The Facial Anti-oxidant


Idebanol skin cream by sovage
Idebenol by Sovage
Skin Cream

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3.4 oz. tube

Key benefits of using Idebenol are it's anti-oxidant power to aid in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and firmness. Helps protect skin from damage due to dryness and free radicals, smoke, UV light.

Idebenol Fact Sheet

lf you have wrinkles, you've probably heard ab out... Idebenol® (e-deb-in-all)
But can this new "miracle" cream really work as good as they say?

You’ve seen it on the news… you’ve read about it in magazines…

People who have used it not only love it but are buying it again and again and again… racking up huge repeat sales at the cosmetic counters of high-end department stores (and that’s at a whopping $109 for a 3.4 ounce tube). The cosmetic industry hasn’t been this excited about the debut of a new wrinkle cream since the introduction of that “Better Than Botox®*?” “stretch mark cream turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon” StriVectin-SD. So what in the world is all the excitement about?

The new “wonder” potion is ed Idebenol (pronounced e-deb-in-all), from prestige skin cream developer Sövage Dermatologic Laboratories. But why are cosmetic “insiders” betting that Idebenol will not only make you look years younger but will breathe new life into a maturing (some would say “stagnant”) cosmetic industry? Well, it’s surely not Idebenol’s less-than-spectacular (some would say rather plain) pale green and white packaging. Nor is it the fact that Idebenol touts itself as a “Facial Anti-Oxidant.” Let’s be real; anti-oxidants are nothing new. So why is everyone so excited?

The reason everybody is so excited about Idebenol is that it can virtually reverse the hands of time. I know, “reverse the hands of time” sounds a wee bit trite, but here’s one juicy little fact that will get you off your butt and running to your favorite cosmetic counter: In a clinical trial conducted on women with an average age of 67, these “mature” women increased their Skin Renewal Rate, or “SR2,” so dramati y that it matched the skin renewal rate of women in their late 20s (29- year-olds to be exact). That’s right. 67-year-old skin with a renewal rate of a 29-year-old. Amazing!

So what is a Skin Renewal Rate, you ask? Well, as it was explained to me, Skin Renewal Rates reflect the speed at which new skin cells replace old skin cells… in other words, it’s a standardized measure scientists use to determine the skin’s “aging” parameters… and one reason a 29-year-old always looks younger than a 67-year-old. Not quite there yet?

It turns out that Idebenol does more than just make you look younger. Idebenol is a highly selective “free radical killer.” But what in the world are “free radicals,” and how does “killing” them help your skin look younger, tighter, and firmer?

For an answer, we turned to Dr. B. Grant Bishop, M.D., noted dermatologist and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Utah. Dr. Bishop told us, “Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that can severely damage skin cells,” explaining, “For more than three decades, researchers have known that free radicals accelerate the skin’s aging process. In scientific terms, free radicals initiate a destructive cascade of events that cause the denaturation of structural cellular protein, a loss of enzyme function, the depletion of natural cellular protectants, a shift in cell membrane lipid oxidation, and ultimately weaken the skin’s immune protective system… damaging DNA and predictably resulting in ‘mutational events’… like thinning skin, loss of elasticity, age spots and, of course, wrinkles… the classic signs of premature aging.”

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