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SciFit Nitrox - Muscle Pump - Endurance - Improved Recovery Time

Benefits of using Nitrox maybe extended and enhanced "muscle Pump" afte workouts, improved endurance and recovery times, improved workout capacity, and increased sexual vigor.

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SciFit Nitrox Description:
Nitrox by Sci-Fit is Arginine Alpha-Ketogluterate in a sustained release formula which is pH buffered to ensure maximum absorption. Arginine released into the bloodstream will dramatically increase Nitric Oxide production. Increases in Nitric Oxide may lead to the following benefits; Extended and enhanced "muscle pump" after training Improved endurance and recovery time. Improved workout capacity. Increased sexual vigor.

NITROX is a revolutionary breakthrough in natural supplementation to increase strength, energy, and overall lean muscle growth.

Since it's discovery in the late 80's, scientists have known that Nitric Oxide regulates and directs all muscle physiology. It increases blood flow to muscles (hemodilation), accelerates muscle velocity, amplifies power output, and turns on the process of new muscle tissue growth. It accomplishes all of this in short bursts every time you lift a weight. Nitric Oxide that occurs naturally in the muscle only last for a couple of seconds and then is exhausted. Sci-Fit's NITROX uses a patented time release delivery system that will feed your muscle Arginine Alpha Ketagluterate that is needed to sustain the Nitric Oxide levels required to increase stamina and strength throughout your workout. This, along with achieving faster muscle recovery, will increase your lean muscle tissue growth.

An increase in Nitric Oxide will lead to fuller muscles during and after your workout. The increase in blood volume is the key to a fuller, leaner looking muscle

Don't be mislead by other companies Nitric Oxide attempts. With Sci Fit Nitrox you are getting the PH Altered and Time Release delivery system that is required for optimal gains.

It is also noted that an increase in Nitric Oxide can enhance sexual function in both men and women.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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