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Ogoplex® extract pure
Safe for Men or Woman to Use

Enjoy a better sex life with this male orgasm intensifier. Borland Nutraceuticals Ogoplex can unlock the secret to a better male orgasm. Get stronger, deeper, and more intense orgasms with Ogoplex brand pure flower pollen extract.

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Ogoplex Extract Pur Information Sheet

Ogoplex is considered the Ultimate Male Experience. It is safe for both male and females to use in order to enjoy a more intense sexual experience. You can achieve much better than average orgasms by using this type of supplement. The european term ropes are actually contractions. The pure flower seed extract that is used in making Ogoplex leads to better and longer contractions or ropes. This in term leads to a better climax.

Ogoplex Extract Pur comes in tablet form with either 30 or 90 capsules per bottle. The results from using Ogoplex are not immediate but require taking the supplement for some time. You will normally notice results starting in about two weeks and will get better as you use the product for months. So I would recommend getting a 90 day supply to get the full benefits.

Benefits of using Ogoplex are as follows:

Increased number of ejaculatory contractions and longer lasting orgasms.
Significantly more intense orgasms than before
increased ejaculatory volume
Faster recovery times for a better second orgasms.

Dosage Recommendations:

Serving Size 1 Tablet
Servings per container: 30 or 90 (30 is a one month supply)

Amount of Ingredients per serving of Ogoplex:

Vitamin A 1250IU
Vitamin E 7.5IU
Proprietary Blend of Flower Pollen Extract 400mg

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