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jGO Super Antioxidant Drink Product Information

jGO™ - Health Insurance in a Box!

jGO™ is the newest and most effective 'full spectrum' antioxidant supplement in existence.Made from a powerful combination of 32 naturally occurring vitamins, extracts and enzymes, jGO™ is a unique isotonic formulation meaning it has the same pH as blood and tears.Because of this it bypasses the digestive process and is assimilated directly into the blood stream and cells within minutes. Unlike encapsulated supplements, isotonic fluids offer a 98% absorption rate.

A new component of jGO™ is Lycopene which provides a strong benefit by combining strong anti-cancer properties with antioxidant functions. You can't find a more effective antioxidant formula anywhere. Whether you are combating physical illness or simply want to strengthen your system and feel better, the benefits of taking jGO™ will surprise you.


Used to describe solutions for human consumption, it means of the same fluid pressure as body fluids. Tears, blood plasma, lymph and other body fluids are all isotonic. Solutions of food that enter the small intestine for absorption and utilization are made isotonic in the stomach by the body. This product is formulated with the proper balance of fructose, d-glucose, citric acid and potassium bicarbonate to assure that they are isotonic when properly prepared. This combination of ingredients is necessary to maintain the flavor, isotonic character, pH and delivery efficiency of this cutting edge product.It is important to note that this product is in powder form that none of the filler, binders, coatings, and lubricants that are common to tablet manufacturing are found in jGO™ formula.Tableting and heat often causes a loss in the efficacy of the product. With jGO™ we do not have any of the negative aspects of tablets and capsules.TIME OF GASTRIC EMPTYING: The time that a supplement stays in the stomach is critical to maintaining the effectiveness of the supplement. The longer the supplement stays in the stomach, the longer the time before absorption can begin, because no appreciable absorption occurs from the stomach. Often the longer it takes for the tablet or capsule, to disintegrate, the nutrients to dissolve and equilibrate to the proper state (isotonic) to leave the stomach. When all of this has been completed, up to thirty to fifty minutes after ingestion, the diluted, acid-attacked nutrients can enter the small intestine for absorption. Why is gastric emptying time stressed when talking about jGO™? Because the fastest emptying time occurs when isotonic solutions enter the stomach. When the sensors in the G-I tract detect that the ingested solution is isotonic, the valve at the lower end of the stomach remains open and the solution goes immediately into the small intestine and absorption is completed.IMMEDIATE GASTRIC EMPTYING IS THE KEY TO RAPID ABSORPTION
Isotonics is the key to rapid gastric emptying.
pH FACTOR:WHY IS THE pH FACTOR CRITICAL TO jGO™? pH is a reference number, from 1 to 14, used to indicate the degree of acidity or alkalinity of a solution. Therefore, a solution at pH 1 is highly acidic and one at pH 14 is extremely alkaline, or basic. The pH of most body fluids is between 6 and 8, which is referred to as the “neutral” range. The stomach is the exception. Solutions in the stomach are in the acid range and are usually between a pH 1 and 2.8. When food is ready to leave the stomach in the form of chyme it must be altered by the body to bring it into the neutral range at about pH 6.0 to 7.0. To accomplish this, the pancreas gland secretes a large volume of sodium bicarbonate to adjust the pH. Once this has occurred the absorption process can begin. jGO™ does not stay in the stomach, it moves almost immediately into the small intestine. jGO™, when in solution, has a pH of between 4.4 and 5.1. The stomach in seconds adds the required sodium bicarbonate to adjust to the proper pH in order for OPCs to go immediately into the small intestine. What this means is that jGO is diluted and altered very little, leading to a very high concentration of the OPCs in an optimal state at the small intestine, or absorption site. There is a reason that we do not formulate jGO with a pH of 6 or 7. If we did this would mean that there would be no sodium bicarbonate entering the lumen of the small intestine. For some vital nutrients, vitamin C for example, sodium must be present for absorption. Since jGO is basi y sodium free it must be able to stimulate sodium production by the body. Thus keeping the pH between 4.4 and 5.1 provides this stimulus. This then, is the key to jGO™ working as well as it does. No other product has this unique formulation of reaching the small intestine in full concentration as jGO™. ABSORPTION AND CONCENTRATION: Absorption and concentration are critical factors that lend to proper utilization of nutritional supplements. Concentration, the amount of nutrient dissolved in a given amount of solution, is directly related to the efficiency of nutritional absorption. Thus the greater the concentration, milligrams of nutrient per milliliter of solution, at the absorption site, the greater the rate and amount of absorption. Because jGO™ has almost no dilution in the G-I tract, they arrive the absorption sites in high concentration to assure efficient absorption. The absorption of vitamins, minerals and other supplements takes place in the small intestine by mechanisms known as active transport and passive diffusion. Active transport is an energy requiring process usually stimulated by the presence of sodium in the lumen, the cavity or channel of the small intestine. This mechanism is vital for the assimilation of vitamin C and many trace minerals. While this mechanism will work “up the concentration gradient,” that is from a lower concentration in the intestine to the higher concentration in the body tissue, it is most efficient when there is a high concentration in the small intestine. Passive diffusion works only when the concentration in the lumen of the small intestine is higher than that in the membrane of the small intestine and the blood. For this mechanism to work, there must be a concentrated solution of nutrient at the absorption site. For example, if there are more milligrams per milliliter of niacin in the blood stream than there are in the solution of niacin that reaches the small intestine after ingesting a niacin supplement, the niacin will not be absorbed. Therefore, it is vital that very little dilution of the supplement occurs after ingestion.

Now we can see that due to the physiological make up and character (isotonic), jGO™ undergoes very little dilution in the body before it reaches the absorption sites. jGO™ is the ideal formulation for a vehicle that delivers almost instantaneous delivery of the OPCs and other vital nutrients to the blood stream.

Live blood samples taken before and
again 20 minutes after using OPCs,
which are only two of the ingredients found in jGO!

This image shows cell stacking or "blood sludge" which results in poor circulation and contributes to fatigue

This image shows clear cell separation, no "blood sludge" and greatly enhanced circulation.

Despite the years of development and research that have been invested in this product you can use it today for only $44.97!

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