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Relacore PM - The "Belly Fat Pill" you take Before Bedtime


Relacore PM nighttime formula

Relacore by Carter-Reed Company
Weight Loss Supplement for Cortisol Fat Control

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capsules in a bottle/1 month supply

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One bottle of each, Relacore 110 count and Relacore PM 60 count

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Key Benifits of Taking Relacore PM

Helps you get a good nights sleep
Non-habit forming
Reduces belly fat caused by stree
reduces stress induced cortisol production
Works in conjunction with the Relacore daytime formula

Relacore PM Fact Sheet

What is different about Relacore and the Relacore PM formula? Relacore PM has the same functional compound as the original Relacore formula... but with one difference: We’ve added a proprietary complex that helps “take the edge off” right before bedtime. You can use Relacore PM in conjunction with the original Relacore formula. (You may substitute any serving of one with the other. For example, you may take two servings of original Relacore during the day as directed, and substitute the final serving with Relacore PM.)

Relacore is a mild anti-anxiety mood enhancer that reduces stress-induced cortisol production by helping to minimize stress. Not only can Relacore reduce belly fat in conjunction with proper diet and exercise (for free personalized meal plans and exercise routines. But it also helps balance hormone levels that cause stress-induced belly fat and encourage overeating. Relacore is the best way to control the accumulation of stress-induced cortisol and belly fat because the formula nips the problem of stress and anxiety in the bud, so to speak.

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