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A Heart Healthy Meal Replacement

Delicious, Nutritious, and Heart-Healthy

Rice'N Shine
21 Servings per bag
Vanilla or Chocolate Flavor
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Rice 'n Shine™ is an all natural, low-glycemic, low calorie meal replacement drink made with stabilized rice bran derivatives. It is a unique nutritional formulation, which delivers all the essential amino acids, all the essential fatty acids, phytosterols, vitamin E complex, a broad complex of vitamin B, 120 naturally-occurring antioxidants including gamma-oryzanol.

Look at What Rice'N Shine Can do for You

Start every morning with a refreshing glass of Rice 'n Shine™ to nourish your body with:

  • 120 antioxidants
  • 10% daily recommendation of fiber
  • 8 grams of high-quality protein
  • Vitamins C, E and B-complex... and more!

The Rice'N Shine Information Sheet

Incredible, Edible Rice Bran

Rice has been one of the leading food crops in the world for the past 7,000 years and today sustains two-thirds of the world's population! Most of the world consumes rice as their primary source of nutrition. Yet even if you eat brown rice, much of the nutritional value (and the amazing antioxidants) is lost when cooked. RicePatty and her team of scientists set out to change the future of this incredible food.

Along Came RicePatty and the Rice Bran "Risolubles™"

Rice Bran, is the outer 10% of the rice kernel that is removed when rice is milled from brown rice to white rice. Before RicePatty came along, it was considered a useless food by-product because it could not be preserved for more than a few hours. RicePatty and her team of scientists discovered a natural technology that captures and preserves the bran! Incredibly nutritious but still difficult to eat, they developed Risolubles™ and incorporated the Risolubles™ into a delicious and easy to take meal replacement drink - voila! Rice 'n Shine™!

Rice 'n Shine™ is High Performance Nutrition

This revolutionary formula contains one of the most powerful, life-giving foods available: stabilized rice bran. It's remarkable because few other natural resources supply a comprehensive blend of protein, soluble and insoluble fiber, "good" fats, vitamins, minerals and 120 antioxidants from one ingredient, in one formula. In fact, Rice 'n Shine™ is one of the most balanced single sources of nutrition that you can buy.

Considered a "super food" by many health experts, stabilized rice bran is produced through a patented manufacturing method and equipment that preserves the wholesome brown rice kernels.

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