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Roplex Male Performance Enhancement by MedSpan

Roplex Sexual Supplement by Medspan
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Enjoy a better sex life with Roplex male orgasm intensifier. Roplex can unlock the secret to a better male orgasm. Get stronger, deeper, more intense orgasms with Roplex. Increase you pleasure. Roplex is now even stronger than it was before, they now added an additional 100 mg of Scandinavian Flower Pollen in order to make it the strongest sexual enhancement supplement available today for men or woman!

Roplex gives you 75% more active ingredients when compared to Ogoplex

"You have nothing to lose except maybe some sleep"

"Ropes - A European term referring to the amount of physical ejaculatory contractions a man can have during orgasm."

For several generations, Northern Europeans have been taking an all natural botanical supplement to maximize the amount of "ropes" they experience during orgasms. Obviously, the more "ropes" one experiences, the better the sexual experience. Now, you too may experience stronger, longer lasting, more pleasurable orgasms with Roplex. Imported from Sweden, the ingredients are formulated to elevate the sexual experience, by providing longer, more powerful contractions and increased fluid release during orgasm.

It is a 600 mg proprietary blended tablet consisting of the highest quality, pure botanical extracts. Cultivated in the fertile plains of Sweden, it has been used by many generations of Nordics to enhance sexual capacity and vitality.

By taking it daily, an individual will experience the following benefits:

  • By taking Roplex, you may experience more powerful, concentrated contractions from beginning of the orgasm to the end, allowing for more overall pleasure.
  • Roplex can help you significantly increased number of ejaculatory contractions for longer, more intense orgasms.

  • Using Roplex could accelerated recovery time and a more substantial ejaculate recovery from initial to second ejaculation.
  • Using Roplex regularly gives you more voluminous orgasmic release allowing for a better, more enjoyable sensation.
  • Roplex promotes a healthier and more efficient prostate

What's the Science Behind Roplex

During a typical male orgasm, the muscles supporting the Vas Deferens (the tube that transports semen from the testicles through the shaft of the penis) contract between four to seven times. During these contractions, the semen is pumped up through the shaft of the penis, causing for an extremely pleasurable experience known as the orgasm.

It works by decreasing the size of the prostate while strengthening the Vas Deferens muscles to increase the amount of ejaculate through the penis during climax. With less Prostate pressure, the Prostate can work more efficiently to produce semen, thus giving you more voluminous ejaculate. It also stimulates testosterone production allowing for more abundant and powerful orgasms. Ejaculatory contractions (roping) increase astronomi y. The intensity and longevity of each orgasm will be increased dramati y while on the Roplex Program.

Clinical Trial Results: Ejaculate Production
How would you rate the increase in the production of ejaculate?

4 No increase | 5-8 Slight increase | 9-12 Increased Somewhat | 12-16 Increased greatly | 16-20 Dramatic increase

Clinical Trial Results :: Ejaculatory Contractions
How many ejaculatory contractions do you experience during orgasm?

We are extremely confident in our products 92% success rate, 88% reorder rate, and the thousands of customers who say Roplex works. Therefore, we offer a 60 day risk-free trial. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, purchasers of the three, four or six bottle supply of Roplex may return the unused portion of the product within 60 days of the date of receipt for a full refund of the purchase price.


What is Roplex Sexual Supplement?
It is a 600 milligram, all natural, proprietary blended tablet consisting of Scandinavian Flower Pollen and Saw Palmetto. Roplex has been clini y proven to significantly increase the number of ejaculatory contractions during the male orgasm, increase ejaculate production and decrease recovery time in between orgasms. Additionally, It has been clini y proven to promote a healthy prostate.

How does Roplex compare to Ogoplex?
It is much more powerful, and effective. Roplex contains 50% more active ingredients to intensify your sexual climax.

How long does it take to work?
Results may vary based upon your individual body chemistry. Many users notice results after 12 to 14 days. However, best results will be seen after continued use of the Roplex Program after a 3 month period.

Does Roplex Have any side effects?
Just like any other nutritional supplement, you should consult your doctor before taking Roplex. However, our products are 100% natural so you should not experience any side effects.

Are Roplex's ingredients Safe?
The all-natural botanical ingredients are safe. Certain components are classified as food supplements by the FDA without established daily values. Additionally, the components of Roplex have a long successful history of human use.

Is it safe to take with my prescriptions?
Yes. Roplex is an all natural pure botanical extract that is non toxic and has no known interactions with any medications.

Is Roplex proven effective?
The ingredients are clini y proven to be effective. Please see our clinical trials

How much Roplex should I order?
Although results may be noticed after 12 to 14 days, best results will be seen after continued daily use over a 3 month period. The best way to ensure you don't run out too quickly is to order a 3 month supply of 30 tablets each.


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