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GTN Super Green Tea Formula 50

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Super Green Tea Formula 50
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Super Green Tea Formula 50

What makes GTN Super Green Tea Formula 50 so special? Obesity has become one of the larger health issues in our society. More than half of the American populace is overweight or obese. As a result, diets have become increasingly in demand. However, few diet plans work or are even remotely successful.

GTN Super Green Tea Formula 50 Information Sheet

About Green Tea
For thousands of years, the green tea diet has been highly valued by the Chinese as an herbal and medicinal drink. It was believed that green tea diet was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung who was boiling water when the leaves of a close by tree fell into his pot. The outcome was the first ever pot of green tea.

Green tea comes from the plant named Carmellia sinensis. The health benefits of green tea diets owe to the steaming method of making it. As opposed to black and oolong tea which undergoes full oxidization, green tea diet is just gently steamed, preserving the natural antioxidants in its initial formation.

Health Benefits of Green Tea
Super Green Tea Formula 50 contains EGCG. EGCG in green tea diets is useful in growing the 24-hour energy expenditure of the body. A study on green tea diets conducted by American and Swiss scientists in the University of Geneva showed an additional increase of four percent in the body's natural energy expenditure. People who were on a green tea diet were more likely to use up extra fats than those not on a green tea diet.

Green tea diets are said to greatly help in lowering cholesterol levels in humans. The study on green tea diets was conducted in China using 240 people with high cholesterol levels as subjects. These people were placed on a green tea diet of one capsule or were given one placebo every day. After twelve weeks, those who were on a green tea diet dropped sixteen percent in their cholesterol levels.

Green tea diets can also be a possible remedy to obesity. The catechin polyphenols existing in green tea diets can delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases in the body. These enzymes are responsible for converting calories in the body into fats. By delaying these enzymes, green tea diets can consequently stop fat from being stored and prevent obesity in men and women.

The Chinese for thousands of years believe that Green Tea may help the following:

  • Enhance Health
  • Prevent Cancer
  • Restrict Blood Cholesterol
  • Control High Blood Pressure
  • Lower Blood Sugar
  • Suppress Aging
  • Refresh The Body
  • Deter Food Poisoning
  • Prevent And Treat Skin Disease
  • Stop Cavities
  • Fight Viruses

Now combine all that with the power of Hoodia Gordonii

Hoodia Gordonii is the plant with the ingredient that curbs one's appetite and helps one to diet without feeling hungry. Hoodia Gordonii is a plant from the Kalahari desert, home of the San People. The San have been using the Hoodia Gordonii for centuries to waive off hunger during their long and grueling hunting trips in the harsh South African wild.

Hoodia Gordonii will:
  • Curb your appetite almost immediately!
  • Give you total control over your appetite being it is the most effective natural appetite suppressant currently found in the world today!
  • Make you feel great as it is also natural mood enhancer!
  • Help you to lose the weight you want to by not over eating!

Hoodia Gordonii won't:
  • Give you the shakes like so most other appetite suppressants.
  • Make your heart race and will not keep you awake all night long.
  • Give you that 'Wired" feeling like most other appetite suppressants

Hoodia Gordonii is so safe it is classified as a dietary supplement,, It will work gently on your system except that you don't feel hungry!

Hoodia Gordonii works Simply by tricking the brain into thinking there is enough energy (blood sugar) and doesn't need to eat and it shuts down the hunger mechanism. Super Hoodia Max kick’s into your system in 1 to 2 weeks. Although many people notice the appetite suppressing effects within the first 1/2 hour of taking a dose of Super Hoodia Max.

There are no published reports of any side effects after use of Hoodia Gordonii.

The South African secret has been unlocked. You can now enjoy all of the benefits of Hoodia Gordonii.

Now combine them Both and you get
GTN’s Super Green Tea Formula 50!

GTN Has done it again! We have created the perfect blend of what we believe are the best two supplements in the world! Chinese Green Tea and Hoodia Gordonii. East meets West and now you can enjoy the benefit of Ancient Chinese and San Hoodia South African Secrets all in one capsule! From Mood Enhancement to Weight Loss this Formula has it all. It’s time to live a healthier life, make GTN Super Green Tea Formula 50 a part of yours.

Any statements made on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or condition. Always consult your professional health care provider.


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