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Universal N T Natural Testosteronel Booster
A Male Supplement Shown to Nearly Double Testosterone Levels


Order N1-T testosteronel booster by Universal.
N T by Universal
Natural Testosterone

$27.95 -
90 capsules in a bottle/1 month supply

A natural way to nearlt double your testosteronel with Universal's N T male health supplement.

Also used to increase muscle mass when working out.

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All New Natural Testosterone Enhancing Product N T™.

Eventually your progress will screech to a halt. It's just a simple fact of life as a bodybuilder. That dreaded plateau will undeniably rear its ugly head, no matter how exacting you are with your training and nutrition. This grim reality becomes all the more relevant as your own natural production of testosterone starts to diminish, a process that can begin as soon as your early twenties.

The way bodybuilders combat such a discouraging turn of events is by going back to the drawing board... Addressing deficiencies in their diets, changing their training routines, trying out new supplements... Something, anything to get them back on track. Often, they overlook the simplest thing... Testosterone. On one hand, athletes with naturally abundant testosterone may feel that they have no concerns in this area. Conversely, those with lower test levels wonder how they can address such a problem. In both cases, however, testosterone modulation is the critical piece of the puzzle.

This is where the all new N T™ comes in. Universal Nutrition seeks to advance the world of pro testosterone supplements with N T™. N T™ uses a complementary blend of the most cutting edge, all natural testosterone boosting agents on the planet designed specifi y for dual purposes: (1) to help maximize natural testosterone production and (2) to help improve the ratios of something ed "free" testosterone to "total" testosterone. In simple terms, free testosterone is the only kind that is useful when it comes to building muscle.

For bodybuilding applications, testosterone is absolutely essential for stimulation of anabolic activity in the body. Increased testosterone levels lead to more lean muscle mass, increased strength, and enhanced protein synthesis. So, essentially, you can equate abundant testosterone with muscle gain. During puberty, testosterone levels are at their peak. These levels begin to decline around the age of 25. This is where a natural anabolic amplifier like N T™ can help change things around.

The ingredients in N T have been shown in actual human clinical studies to nearly double total testosterone, increase free testosterone by decreasing sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels, and boost lutenizing hormone (LH). Sounds intriguing, right? So, let's take a look at how N T is able to alter one's internal anabolic processes.
Picture N T as the key to unlocking your body's natural anabolic potential. The ability to unlock this potential rests in N T'sTM specialized Test-Stim Complex.

This complex consists of powerful compounds that effectively decrease SHBG levels. SHBG is a hated hormone in the bodybuilding world due to its high-affinity for binding to testosterone.
What this means is that you're left with less circulating free testosterone in your system, which greatly hinders your muscle building capabilities. N T, with its specialized Test-Stim complex, is able to decrease production of SHBG, thus increasing your body's circulation of free testosterone in the bloodstream. This free testosterone is now active and unbound, ready to exert its anabolic activity on your body.

But N T™ doesn't stop there. N T™ yields another natural way to effectively increase natural testosterone through LH stimulation. LH is a hormone that directly aids in the manufacturing of testosterone. An elevated level of LH translates into more testosterone circulating through your body. And remember now that there is less SHBG in the body, thus creating the scenario in which testosterone increased by LH stimulation can then reach your receptors and increase anabolism directly.

Our exclusive Test-Stim complex also has the unique ability of increasing anabolic activity. N T™ aids in preventing muscle-tissue breakdown by enabling greater amino acid uptake for enhanced nitrogen retention, accelerated glucose utilization/glycogen synthesis, and increased protein synthesis.

Now this all sounds great but without proper nutrient transport, these powerful compounds wouldn't be able to exert their full potent anabolic effects. N T™ answers this with a special patented ingredient that is clini y proven to ensure optimal nutrient uptake, thus giving you the best bang for your buck.

As an ergogenic aid, N T™ will help you in increasing lean muscle mass, reducing fat mass, and improving overall muscle strength and size... Everything a hard training athlete could ever ask for.

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