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XCFBAM by Xyience Carb / Fat Blocker Absorber


XCFB by xyience for fat blocker.
XCFB by Xyience
Fat Blocker Supplement

90 capsules in a bottle

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The key benefits of using XCFB, it will help you eliminate carbohydrates and aid you in losing weight by blocking those unwanted carbohydrates. Revives benefits of weight loss, increased energy, and improved endurance.

Xyience XCFB Fact Sheet

Contains White Kidney Shown In To Reduce Starch Absorption 65-85%

XCFB is the ultimate dietary supplement for supporting the body's ability to reduce the absorption of unwanted, excess calories from fat and carbohydrates (both sugars and starches). XCFB includes Chitosan, an advanced, high-density form of shellfish fiber which is able to bind with dietary fat and reduce its absorption. XCFB also deals with certain complex carbohydrates (e.g., starches). The way it works is that the enzyme alpha amylase would normally convert these complex carbohydrates into simple sugars which are then absorbed, and may be converted into body fat. The Northern White Kidney Bean extract in XCFB contains an anti-alpha amylase metabolite which works in the gut to help reduce the absorption of these carbohydrates.

Consumer Benefits:

  • XCFB contains Chitosan, Northern White Kidney Bean, and Gymnema, which have the potential to help your body reduce the absorption of almost 1600 unwanted calories from starches, sugars and fats.

Ingredients used in XCFB

Xcfb Label of ingredients

Directions: Take 3 capsules daily spread between two of your three meals. Take with 8 ounces of water.



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