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Xyience XFBam Fat Burners


xyience xfbam fat burners
XFBam by Xyience
Fat Burners

90 capsules in a bottle

The key benefits od using XFBam fat burners include thermogenic weight loss enhancer. Helps increase energy when dieting. Helps curb your apetite so you don't eat as much.

XFBam Fact Sheet

Thermogenic weight loss enhancer.†

Helps to increase metabolic rate.†

Helps to increase energy.†

Helps with appetite control.†

Aids in stamina & endurance.†


Xfbam energy blend - green tea extract, mate’ extract, natural caffeine
Provides 300 mg caffeine per serving to promote thermogenisis, increased metabolic rate & weight loss†

Promotes fat & weight loss, appetite suppressant

Moves fat out of fat cells & promotes weight loss

Thermogenic and increases metabolic rate

Thermogenic and increases metabolic rate

Increases energy and endurance†


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